Outsourcing Your High Payroll Administrative Costs

Hiring administrative assistants is a must in today’s busy business world. But did you know that you could save half or more on these costs that you are already paying? When you start thinking of all the duties your assistant performs on a daily basis, and how each one of those tasks could be outsourced to a virtual assistant instead, the savings are huge. And what business does not need to save money right now going into this long, but overdue economic recovery?Your probably wondering what kind of admin services could an outsourced rep provide. Anything that your assistant is doing right now can be outsourced, including things like Internet marketing, that your employees my have very little experience with. Just a few administrative tasks that you can save big money on includes:Human resources: Coordinate the hiring of staff, from writing the announcement and placing the ads to reviewing resumes and interviewing. Confirming references on employment applications and filing annual performance reviews, even creating quarterly and annual payroll forms.Bookkeeping: Manage invoices regularly, pay online bills, balance bank accounts with software, update clients of impending bill due dates and prepare and send the invoices. Your outsourced rep can even follow up with phone calls to collect on past due charges or mail past due notices.Wordprocessing and creating presentations: Desktop publishing is a very important part of a successful business. Your outsourced rep can create and produce employee training manuals, Create surveys to get responses from customers, create a PowerPoint presentation with an outline of diagrams and charts or layout and check reports and documents. Save money by having a rep type and print messages on client letterhead, encode handwritten meeting notes and even transcribe them for permanent record-keeping.Obviously, there are too many tasks to list that can be taken care of by an outsourced rep. But the important thing to remember is that for as little as $5.00 an hour, you can have your own dedicated outsourced rep doing these tasks for you. Think of how much you are paying now and how much you could save. 2010 will be a challenging year for business…make sure your company is on the cutting edge.

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